Forever Angel

Special delivery this morning meant a “hole” lot. 💜🍩🦋🐶🤗 April will always be a bittersweet month. The last month we shared together and obviously the month we lost her … The 26th will forever be a tough day that I dread reliving very tragic memories.

Each year I find that the days leading up to today are very emotional for me and once the calendar reaches 2 6, I do my best to find grace in the blessings of the fondest of memories I will ever have. To remember and celebrate the depth of pure love shared with my precious mom and our family.
Many may not realize that my mom had a Yorkie when she was in her 20’s. Her name was Shasta. When we were young Shasta was still around; she meant so much to my mom. I love my Obie so much too, partly because he truly reminds me of her. They never met but I talk to him about his “grandma” just like I will my own (human) children someday.
Her spirit will forever live on through me… my proudest endeavor is that I am her daughter [To my roots & my core]. My soul is deeply connected to that special beautiful woman I am lucky enough to call mom . . .

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